AMY is FREE for all Businesses and Academic Institutions

Whether you are a small business, large corporate, University or other adult institution, you can install “AMY”,our intuitive, interactive AI Assistant on your HTML site either internally or externally, FOR FREE and provide a signposting service to all your employees/students to provide self-help to understand and address their mental health challenges or concerns.

AMY is funded by commissions earned through sales of relevant self-help products or employee/student perks.

The perks are intended to encourage use of AMY and provide a fell-good factor to aid in usage.

You can also upgrade to Premium Services, where you will have a personalised version of AMY,  have access to a dashboard with reports, add your own in-house services and resources to the dialog – and with Premium LIVE, allow your staff/students to text chat in real time to live professional counsellors/advisors.

Free Plan

  • An intuitive AI assistant
  • Listens and questions
  • Signposts to advice sites based on input
  • Embedded in your internal intranet


  • Customisation and personalization
  • Adds signposting to specific company or academic resources
  • Integrating with existing EAP or other internal systems
  • In depth help and support
  • Monthly Reports

Premium Plus

  • Includes a live chat service
  • Professional counsellors on-line

Avazcare AI system

The Avazcare AI system was designed as a web assistant (not an App) specifically to be secure and to guarantee the confidentiality, anonymity and safety of the users.

All information passed between the AI system and the user is locked and cannot be read or retrieved by a third party (except for access by a live counsellor)

What we do?

We deliver an AI based web assistant where 2 lines of code on your intranet site enables the assistant to engage with the user

AMY is the business assistant

Let “AMY” direct your staff to useful information about their issues – Financial, Work related, Family/marital, Drug or alcohol dependency or General mental health

Our Premium Service

We offer premium services

And our partners offer additional services

Support Training
Customised services

Our Premium Services

We offer premium services for our business 

It makes business sense

“With a sixth of workers experiencing a mental health problem at any one time and stress, anxiety and depression is thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues, the relationship between mental health and the workplace is a complex one”

“We estimate that poor mental health among employees costs UK employers £42bn – £45bn each year”.

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Why use us?

Organisations need Help

Many businesses, especially SME’s cannot afford to employ dedicated mental health professionals

Mental Health Charities are stretched

Upto 80% of calls to help lines are unanswered during times of heavy demand

Amy provide a signposting service to allow its users to engage in self help to address their problems
They will also help identify behaviours that require human intervention and either direct them to third party services or AVAZCare’s own Live Chat service


* Most can’t afford to deliver a full counselling service

* There is an issue of confidentiality and a fear among staff that disclosing mental health issues at work could lead to later discrimination

* Concerns over the effectiveness and take up of their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

* Consider AMY Premium Service as a triage system to make the whole system of mental health and awareness more effective


* Already have good on campus services, AMY can signpost to them for improved “take up” and awareness
* Young adults, both familiar with and like using AI Chat services
* Student perks will create a feelgood factor using AMY

* AMY is enhanced to focus on Student Wellness and has proven “coping mechanism” techniques designed for academic life

Meet Amy

AMY is our Free to use Web Assistant
By adding 2 lines of code to your intranet site, it creates a button on the bottom right corner, which says “Ask AMY”.

AMY then provides a question-and-answer service that will signpost your employees or students to appropriate resources to support the following mental health and wellness issues:

  • Financial Problems  – How to address indebtedness and the burden of debt.
  • Work/Study related – Stress related to the work environment – trouble with the boss, colleagues, harassment in the workplace etc.
  • Family/marital problems – Problems at home with the spouse, children and other dependents. 
  • Drug or alcohol dependency – A range of options of where to go, in complete confidence to get support for issues such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and other outreach support groups.
  • General mental health – A basic level of identification of typical mental health issues, such as anxiety, suicide, depression, loneliness, sleep deprovation, isolation and signposting to services that provide help.

Premium Services

You can turn AMY into your own Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with our premium level of services that allow us to work together to customise the user experience and content to incorporate your own programmes, local initiatives and even offer independent, secure and confidential LIVE CHAT.
Customisation and Personalisation

Change look, name, style and content

In depth Help and support

More analysis and interaction

Premium + Live

Live interaction with trained professional counsellors

Dashboard and Monthly reports on usage, mst requested help etc

Premium Service Set up – £300 per day – minimum 1 day (typically sufficient).

Premium Monthly Charge – £300 a month

Premium PLUS Live Monthly Charge – £400 a month

Premium Plus Live

This provides a third party live chat – to address employee concerns about disclosing issues internally
  • Confidential and Secure
  • Text based Chat
  • Professional, verified and approved counsellors

Employee perks

Form time to time , Avazcare will negotiate relevant offers to employees and offer them though AMY where appropriate.

Health and well being retreats
Sleep gadgets

Anxiety relief products

e.g A sleep gadget may be an appropriate offer where a user expresses issues with sleep deprivation.

Avazcare Features - BETTER than a Chatbot

  • Avazcare is delivered as a managed service
  • AMY is a Web Assistant, not an App, designed specifically for its purpose
  • No need for the user to download anything
  • Fully secure and confidential – including a safe online Chat with a real counsellor
  • Independent and ringfenced from the users employer
  • A confidential, AI mental health system
  • Interact with AMY in complete anonymity
  • Get signposting to professional help services